Goldfish Memory Span

Keeping a goldfish in a small goldfish bowl is clearly an act of sheer unkindness and of-course the goldfish deserve much more than that. It is not good by any means. Just think if a human have to live in a very small room where even he cannot stretch his body, what will happen. His growth will be stopped and more over this will effect his psychology.

The Goldfish owners created the myth that the Goldfish has a very short memory span usually 3 to 7 seconds and he cannot remember anything which happened more than a few seconds ago. So, a goldfish never gets bored even in the small fish bowls.

But this belief is merely a myth and is far away from reality. In 2003, Dr Phil Gee of the school of Psychology at the University of Plymouth has made an experiment and the result of that research was shocking to every goldfish owner, who was believing that goldfish memory span  is of 3 or 7 seven seconds. Dr Gee in his experiments trained goldfishes to press the lever to get the reward in the form of food. This lever was fixed to work for a particular hour in a day. The goldfish very soon learned how to activate the lever and get his favorite food.

Another experiment made by a 15 year old school boy, Roy Strokes, a student of Australian Science & Mathematics School in Adelaide, Australia to prove that goldfish should not be kept in tiny bowls or tanks.

Roy in his experiment trained goldfish to move towards a special light which he flashed 30 seconds before dropping food into the tank. With in few weeks the goldfish trained to swim towards that special light, which Roy flashed, to get food.

Roy then stopped this process of feeding goldfish for a week before restarting. Goldfish responded in the same way as it was doing before proving that the goldfish has the memory intact for the flash light to get the food even after passing a week.

A number of studies have shown that goldfish can be trained at particular time and place, even in response to sounds or audible hints.

Goldfish like any other creature on the earth can adapt to condition and changes in the environment. Like any other pet they deserve the proper care every of their need. With the above experiments it has been proved that the goldfish are smart and intelligent, even after their mind is 380, 000 times smaller than a newly born human baby, it is cruel to keep them in tiny fish tanks.

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